How do you Challenge an Unfavorable Medical IME?

Your personal injury liability case is strong. The damages, though, “up for grabs.” Your doc’s opinions are favorable but the defense IME disagrees on the exact injuries, on causations, and on the dollar values. What to do? Your next step is to depose the IME doctor. How do you challenge an opposing doctor’s opinions or is it “the battle of the experts,” as the public perceives from TV and movies, where the jury will weigh the reports for credibility? How do you swing the jury into your client’s camp

This is a great professional challenge where you must go “head to head” with a doctor, probably a well-skilled expertologist who has been deposed hundreds of times and certainly knows the medical ropes far better than you do. Science and fundamental advocacy is your sword.

Many IME docs are IME docs. This is their living. Because the money is so easy, they don’t do anything else. Examine them on income and whether they actually still treat patients

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