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Review some of Dr. Oppenheim’s case histories and medical-legal analysis.

Acquittal on Homicide Charges in Kenai, Alaska:  Science to the Rescue!

Alaska v. D, Kenai AK, Case: 3KN-17-00208CR- 1 December 2017: Acquittal on homicide counts. Def. provided Fentanyl to another person, who died. Alaska Pub. Def. 1 December 2017. Cross-Examination of State’s Pathologist; Acquittal on homicide charges.

Medical Evidence in Personal Injury Litigation: Daubert’s Ghost©

Medical Presentation at Trial:  Scientific Evidence in the 21st Century

The Objective Analysis of the Medical Negligence Case©

An upset client sits in your office and describes the circumstances of medical care which have resulted in severe injury to a loved family member. The client wants to know whether the family should pursue the matter. Whether you should undertake this representation is a complex analysis, but if you read further, I’ll tell you how I analyze cases.

Special Needs Exemption 2001:  United States Supreme Court Limits Police Meddling in Medical Care

(Published as: May the Police Practice Medicine?, 8(1&2) J. Med. & Law 35 (Fall 2003 – Spring 2004).

Questioned Medical Documents:  Spoliation

“omnia praesumuntur contra spoliatorem”

“All things are presumed against a wrongdoer.” Pomeroy v. Benton, 77 Mo. 64 (1882).


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