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Why do I do what I do?

I believe in the American judicial system and I believe that everyone deserves a vigorous representation for their rights. Patients are entitled to be able to trust their medical providers and to receive the standard of care. The Accused are entitled to the best defense. I view myself as the “champeen of the underdog.”

I grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, near where Washington crossed the Delaware on Christmas Eve 1776. My Dad, Leon, was born in 1905 in Sosnowice, Poland. A Polish immigrant to America in 1921, he became a lawyer and worked as a Special Agent for the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, the forerunner of the DEA, and then with the FBI.

In 1942 he enlisted with the Army served in WW-II. He became a lawyer for the VA and determined benefits for returning servicemen.

My Mom, Dorothy, was born in Cincinnati of Rumanian parents, worked in a munitions factory during the War, meeting Leon in 1945. Some of this background explains “who” I am and why I do what I do. I have a lifetime commitment to bettering human rights.

I have lived in eleven US states and four foreign countries. I speak 4 languages. Please have a look at my brief CV. I have devoted my life to helping people, first, as a blood ‘n guts physician, and now as a medical-legal consultant.

Soon after I commenced medical practice I became interested in expert witness work, initially defending healthcare professionals. Soon, I saw the under-representation to help patients and started coMEDco to engage in medical-legal consultation, as a plaintiff expert witness and gained experience in criminal defense work. Then, few doctors would engage in plaintiffs’ medical negligence expert witness work, supporting patients’ rights. Over the years I testified in medical malpractice cases throughout the US.

After nearly twenty years in medical practice, hands-on, blood ‘n guts, I wanted to combine my curiosity about law with my medical experience.
In 1992, I went to law school and then completed an LLM Health Law in 1996. Now, I consult in medical-legal litigation nationwide. I may be the only person with my background who does this sort of work.

I have published extensively and my treatise, The Medical Record as Evidence, first published in 1998 by Lexis, 900 pages, has had a dramatic effect over the years in courtrooms over the US. The book has been admitted as a learned treatise countless times.

One of my most important roles is to evaluate medically-related cases and figure out “what happened.” It is crucial in these litigations to create a scientific understanding of the medical issues. Whether in plaintiff medical malpractice or in criminal defense cases, before jumping into a case, we have to know a precise analysis of the medical facts. I create a “game plan,” an extensive and detailed report of the medical facts. With my extensive background, clinical skills, education, and experience, I put this together so you can clearly see the medical and legal evidence issues. For the following, please refer to the examples on this webpage.

Curriculum Vitae

1969 B.A. Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA
1973 M.D. University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine [with Clinical Clerkship at Oxford University (thoracic surgery), Harvard University (general surgery), Stanford University (cardiovascular surgery)
 1973 – 74 University of Washington – affiliate hospital
 7/73 – 6/74 – Providence Hospital, Seattle, WA, Surgical Intership (PGY-1)
 1974 – 75 University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canda,
 7/74 – 2/75 – Vancouver General Hospital Surgical Residency (6 months)
1995 J.D. Michigan State University College of Law; E. Lansing, MI (Recipient:  Jurisprudence Prize in Constitutinal Law)
1993 – Summer School, University of Washington School of Law, Seattle WA
1995 – Summer School, Wayne State University School of Law, Detriot, MI
1996 LL.M.Health Law Loyola University School of Law, Beazley Institute for Health Law, Chicago, IL


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