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coMEDco’s Two Areas of Specialization:

Medical Malpractice Consultation; Criminal Defense:

In medical malpractice, the first question always must be — damages: is this case worth doing — economically? I believe in pursuing cases with “social merit.” These cases are expensive and risky but can be lucrative on a contingency basis IF … Thus, to promulgate your client’s success, I follow my rigid step-by-step process:

With nearly 50 years in medical malpractice litigation, IF the damage picture seems realistic, I identify the proper and most likely defendants, identify applicable medical standards, then determine specific departures from the standards of care, and tie that to causation. I prepare a detailed point-by-point report: the gameplan.

If you decide to move ahead, I can identify testifying experts, create a discovery plan, and create interrogatories, admissions, requests to produce, as necessary. Additionally, I will prepare full depositions for any and all medical testifying witnesses including treating providers and expert witnesses. This scientific approach typically leads to settlement, although I always advise, from the beginning, to prepare for trial.

Criminal Defense:

Whenever medical evidence is in play, I may be able to help. I am a “reasonable doubt-ologist.” I raise reasonable scientific-based reasonable doubt.

In criminal defense, I function as a “reasonable doubt-ologist.” Since I understand science, medicine, and law I look for reasonable doubt. I help you, as the attorney, in preliminary negotiations leading, perhaps to a dismissal, or, if the case moves ahead, to then prepare trial materials. I create detailed cross-examinations of all State’s witnesses.

With my long years doing this work, I am able to interpret all forensic evidence: interpret autopsies, lab test, all forensic data, including blood spatter, direction of trauma, bodily fluids, gynecologic evaluations, rape kits, interpret bite marks, strangulation photos and strangulation autopsy data, finger and ligature prints.

Healthcare Provider Criminal Defense: Licensure, Hospital Privileges, and Criminal Defense:

Healthcare providers are targeted with increasing frequency in civil actions, hospital actions, and in criminal prosecutions. Because of healthcare providers’ unique positions in society, the way they earn a living, there is considerable criminal litigation. The main goal, always, is to preserve licensure, if possible. I can assist in advising you about plea agreements. I have worked in Medicare and Medicaid prosecutions, narcotics matters, fraud and abuse cases, and in all of the knotty matters which arise.

When a healthcare professional is accused of controlled substances matter, I can be a big help. I created plans to preserve medical (and legal) licensure including verifications, educational programs, treatment programs, reporting requirements, and meeting the licensure board’s concerns, whatever they may be.

Lawyers come to me with the tough cases, Title IX academic cases, the ones that befuddle others, the ones which seem hopeless. Typically, in criminal defense, it is possible to raise reasonable doubts. In medical malpractice, let me have a look. If there is a departure from the standard of care, the case may be doable.

Please read coMEDco’s Terms of Service. I do not practice medicine or law. My work is confidential with you and your client. My “company” is “me.” I do not have a secretary. I provide personal service and personal performance. I am glad to discuss matters at no charge and informally; no obligation. I want to provide what is best for your client.

Do you have a case?

Dr. Oppenheim, literally, “wrote the book” on the law of medical evidence, which remains the ONLY treatise on this subject: 900 pages.

Elliott Oppenheim, MD, JD, LLM Health Law, will review medical-malpractice cases, start to finish, including appellate relief. Do you have a case?

Defining all aspects of the tort to include, the standard of care, departures from the standard of care, causation and damages. This includes comprehensive case evaluation, preparation of medically-related discovery, and then trial materials.

Criminal Cases

Raising “reasonable doubt” through the entire process from initial investigation through appellate relief. He is well experienced in defending health-care professionals in all areas from license through criminal prosecution. He creates cross-examination of State’s witnesses.

All Medical Fields

Dr. Oppenheim has a broad experience in actual medical practice. He reviews cases in all medical fields.

Obtaining Experts

With many decades of experience, Dr. Oppenheim is well respected in academic circles and has developed strong networking relationships throughout all of the top institutions. He is able to recommend credible “doctors with blood on their shoes,” not “expertologists” who charge unprofessionally exorbitant fees and who “will say anything for a price.” Dr. Oppenheim is a well respected scientist who uses established and legitimate scientific methods in all areas.

Personal Injury Cases

Dr. Oppenheim wrote a series of two books on motor vehicle litigation. He is able to prepare deposition questions for medical witnesses.


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